Dartmouth footfall - week 16 - the surge continues!

Here are the Springboard footfall figures for Dartmouth town center in week 16. They show a continued increase over last year which exceeds both the national increase and the local South West increase. I think we can all see with our own eyes that the visitors have returned but it is still difficult to assess how the levels compare to 3 to 4 years ago. we only receive the comparative numbers from Springboard not the absolute numbers so we can only guess at the real visitor levels. However the numbers are encouraging, that we can say.


  1. I’m sorry, but these figures are meaningless while still comparing this year with last year’s full lockdown. Is there no way to capture 2019 data at all?

    • Nei You are correct in saying these figures are inadequate, however there is a reason for that. The camera was installed during the Dartmouth Business Improvement District with an annual licence fee for access to the complete data (i.e. absolute numbers). However when the BID collapsed we lost access to that data. I was allowed exclusive access to the comparative figures by Springboard for no fee so they are being helpful here. You can look back over the figures for several years now which might give you a clue as to the absolute numbers if you are a good mathematician. However they are better than nothing at all.

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