Dartmouth Business Survey - preliminary results

Many thanks to the businesses of Dartmouth who have responded so well to our request for support in fighting for the future of Dartmouth’s economy.

So far we have 86 responses to our Business survey from across the business spectrum. First of all I will present the results so far and then highlight the most important conclusions we can draw from the results in a later post. We are still hoping to reach a target of 100 responses prompted by a request to participate from the Dartmouth Visitor Center and Discover Dartmouth.

We expect our local authority representatives to lobby  Anthony Mangnall MP on our behalf with this information. We hope this will result in Anthony fighting  in parliament for the support we will need  in order to pull Dartmouth out of this crisis as fast as possible.

The results so far:

Note: to see the additional comments to questions 8 and 9 click on the charts to download the comments.










  1. Could I please thank all those that have taken part in this survey. I will be using the findings to make my case in Westminster . Please continue to send information to me and let me know about your situation at this difficult time.

    You can reach me on [email protected]

    Thanks, Anthony

  2. Paul,
    Dartmouth Visitor Centre HAS promoted the survey on its facebook page. The two part-time staff are furloughed at present and the volunteers, mostly in the vulnerable age group, are in lockdown. I am checking the Centre, the emails, the post and the answerphone daily. I will promote the survey again and get it onto the Discover Dartmouth Facebook page. I did also complete the survey a few days ago on behalf of the Centre.

    • Hilary
      Thanks for the update, I thought it was going on the DD website so that is where I looked. We have had 88 responses now which is better than any other survey we have carried out so the response has been very good. You can also see above that Anthony Mangnall MP has seen the survey and has thanked the towns businesses for their input. I did notice there was an early entry from a Visitor Attraction which I guessed was you. Thanks for that.

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