Dartmouth Business Improvement District - EGM reminder

For those of you who have not seen it this is a reminder about the BID EGM:

It is vital that those of you who support the BID idea get your voices heard by voting. It’s no good saying you support it if you don’t vote. For every one of you that votes, those who want to end the BID must find three votes.


This email confirms the following:

The result of the ballot WILL NOT be announced at the EGM. We will not know the result until the votes are counted by SHDC the next day. The board will then meet to discuss the result. We hope to be able to confirm the result to all members by email either late in the evening of Wednesday May 11th or on the morning of Thursday 12th.

Clearly we need to know what action the Board plans to take either way after the result is announced. If their proposal fails then we cannot afford to waste any more time in delivering the plan you voted for. A new team must be put in place rapidly to get the BID back on track.

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