Dartmouth BID Decision day today!

In 2013 over a period of 12 months a dedicated team of local business people prepared a 5 year plan for revitalising Dartmouth’s economy. Driven by the desire to respond to declining visitor numbers and a lack of non-seasonal employment, this team represented about 140 years of experience in running businesses in Dartmouth. The support we received was fantastic, the enthusiasm for this project was apparent. There were doubters, but everyone realised that doing nothing was not an option.

Today you will decide if you want to return to doing nothing.

Today you will decide if the efforts of those dedicated people were wasted.

Today you will decide if you want to continue to invest in the future of this town.

Think very carefully before you decide, because the future of Dartmouth is in your hands. If you decide to close the BID Company there will be no way back. The future of this town will depend on those few dedicated businesses that promote the town from their own resources.

If you decide against closure then you must get behind a new team committed to delivering on the promises that the first team made. There is still time, but we must respond fast.

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