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In order to help the Healthcare Action Group communicate with the community, Dartmouth Business News has created a simple website where people can keep up to date with progress in the ongoing negotiations being held with the CCG and Torbay Health Trust to secure adequate healthcare facilities for the community of Dartmouth and District. In addition we will support an e-newsletter to proactively inform subscribers immediately there are any developments. The website is not complete yet but contains most of the information and videos on the DAHAG Facebook page so we will go live immediately to gauge the community interest in the site.

To see the current unfinished site please click below

The website is a free WordPress site so you will not find it with a google search, However you can subscribe to the DAHAG newsletter by clicking on the subscribe menu above and completing the subscription form on the page. (There are 2 different subscriptions on the page so ignore the first one which is for the Dartmouth Business News and fill in the DAHAG subscription form). You will then receive all DAHAG newsletters which will connect you to the relevant page of the DAHAG website.

We are providing this facility at no cost to the community so please make use of it if you support the actions of the Dartmouth Area healthcare Action Group.

To succeed in getting the best result for Dartmouth the group must understand the views of the whole community and the community must get behind the group to support their mission.

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  1. About 5000 people live in the lower town of Dartmouth and another 5000 in Townstal. In addition there are another 10,000 who live in the outlying villages from Torcross to Dittesham including Stoke Fleming, Strete and Blackawton.
    The NHS proposal for a new purpose built health care centre in Townstal would serve all these communities better than a facility in the old town.
    So can we see please the results of opinion polls from across the whole NHS catchment area as well as the views of the health care professionals and patients’ representatives
    And can we see how the various opinions fit into the government’s policies for care in the community and the views of our MP who happens to be better placed than any other MP in the country to do this

    • Please tell me the URL of the DAHAG website it will save me a lot of effort. Facebook does not have a big audience in Dartmouth and DAHAG has a communications problem if you read all of the Facebook comments. I am just trying to help them communicate their message.

  2. I don’t know why, but the website I thought John Walker had set up isn’t there. It is unlikely, but I may have made a mistake ?

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