Closure of Dartmouth & District Chamber of Trade and Businesses Ltd.

After my 7 days appeal for volunteers to serve on the Chamber of Trade committee and also as Directors of the Ltd Company, I have decided that there is not enough support for the Chamber to continue in its current form.

Many thanks to  Jamie Waugh of Dartmouth Golf club and John Taylor Bone of JTB Garden Machinery (Servicing, Repairs & Sales) who did step forward and offer their help but with only three people willing to take the Chamber forward I believe we need a lot more support in order to represent the Businesses of Dartmouth effectively. This is a sad day for the Chamber which has represented businesses in the town for over 50 years but hopefully in the future new business owners in the town will be encouraged to start again with a clean sheet.

Our attempt to rustle up support has been hampered by the claims of the last Chairman that the Ltd Company Chamber has significant liabilities which it cannot meet. Those claims cannot be substantiated and in my view are imaginary, but the uncertainty over those debts stopped people stepping forward at the EGM a few weeks ago, and the comments you can see on this site also illustrate the confusion this has caused.

(The Ltd Company is now in breach of company law which requires it to have at least 1 Director and it may be closed down by Companies House.

The previous Directors need to be aware of their legal position:

Section 154 of the Companies Act 2006 is the relevant legislation. Section 156 deals with the Secretary of State requiring a company to comply. There is a fine if you fail to do so.

Resigning as a director does not absolve you from acts that happened while you were director.)


However we will keep publishing the Dartmouth Business News as the only non-profit website targeting the Dartmouth Business community. We recommend any business owner subscribes to the site (see menu above) and we will keep you informed about the Business environment in Dartmouth

Our objectives will be :
  • To keep Dartmouth informed about local news that may affect the business community.
  • We will provide a vehicle for online debate within the business community as we always have.
  • We will lobby local authorities on issues which you feel need to be debated.

We are thankful that we have been well supported by South Hams Newspapers, who have printed many of the articles we have published in support of the local business community. With headlines last week which helped to raise awareness of our campaign to keep the Chamber of Trade active (see above). Thanks also To Cllr Jonathan Hawkins and Karen Perrow Manager of the Dartmouth Visitor Center for their support.

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  1. Sorry to see it come to this, Paul. Not having the “business voice” the chamber once provided is a shame… you (the collective and individual) were always good for a quote on any story relating to business matters in the town… you would always tell it how you saw it, where open and transparent even in difficult times. We’ll stay in touch.

    • Thanks Stuart, appreciate your comments. I will still use my blog to keep people informed but it will be my voice only. You know how biased I am !!! It is clear that Dartmouth businesses are so focussed on their own businesses that working for the community as a whole is low down the priority for them.

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