Dart Gallery launch their Flavel fundraiser

Some of you may remember the annual postcard draw which Brenda and I used to run from the Dart Gallery to raise money for local causes. Over a period of about 12 years we raised over £39,000 for organisations like Children’s Hospice South West, Dartmouth Caring, RNLI and the Flavel. We even provide a Play-station and TV for the Townstal Community Hall children’s club.

Well this year Brenda has again initiated the postcard draw to raise funds for the Flavel, which has been hard hit by the Covid crisis and will again have to close for November. The postcard draw is generously being hosted by Edward and Tom at the Dart Gallery and with 77 postcards provided free of charge by many artists, both professional and amateur (also by Brenda and myself!!) there is a wonderful range of paintings of all styles and subjects.

They include work by many of the gallery artists plus local artists who want to support our draw. If you want to see all 77 of the paintings then click the image below to enter the Dart Gallery website.

To participate in the charity draw you can bid for your painting of choice by entering the Dart gallery website (click the image above to enter the site.) Look through the paintings and make your choice, there is a reserve of £35.00 on every painting. Make your bid and you will see if your bid is winning the painting in real time. Edward and Tom will be keeping the website updated with all the latest bids and the auction will finish at the end of November.

All the money raised by this auction will be given to the Flavel.

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