Council press release - Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Please see the following Press Release concerning Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

Press Release Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan

A public meeting of Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan Working Group was held at the Guildhall, Dartmouth on Monday 24th July, when 14 interested residents and Councillors attended to hear the results of the public survey carried out at the end of last year.

Preliminary analysis of over 600 replies suggested that there were many topics which had widespread support for inclusion in the plan, although there was considerable overlap.

In the end five initial topic groups were drawn together:

  1. health, social care and education
  2. parking, traffic and transport
  3. economy, retail, tourism and employment
  4. green spaces, environment, planning and conservation
  5. recreation, leisure and libraries

Other groups may be formed in the future.

An open invitation is sent out to those living or working in Dartmouth to join us in developing these topic groups with ideas as to how we would like these activities to develop in Dartmouth over the next five years.
Our Neighbourhood Plan will feed into the District Council’s Local Plan, which deals with the whole of the South Hams.  Details may be found on the Town Council website, or by contacting the Town Council offices on 01803 832281.


Tracy Rowe F.I.L.C.M.
Clerk to Dartmouth Town Council  Tel: 01803 832281



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