Closure of the BID- A question

If you read the statement on the BID website about the vote for closure you will notice that it appears to require a 75% vote in support of closure. See the statement here -BID closure proposed.

In my opinion this would be a big mistake. I suspect this may have come from Company law or the BID legislation of 2004, but if the BID cannot win a straight majority vote then its future would be tarnished anyway. The BID Board needs to understand that the opponents of the BID argue it does not have majority support in the business community. They are wrong in my opinion but insisting on a 75% vote to close the BID Company will simply confirm the opponents suspicions. I am a firm believer in democracy so I believe the BID can only continue with a straight majority against closure.

If you have a view on this then please comment on this article to make your views known.

I am really surprised that the BID opponents, who are usually quick to respond, have not made a fuss about this yet. Still they are not well known for reading the small print are they! (its a joke).

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