Dartmouth footfall - week 39 - 2021

4th October 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the leates footfall figures for Dartmouth high street. We have missed some results due to problems at Springboard but we are back online again. Sorry to have missed a few weeks. These figures are the first indication that (Read more)

Week 31 & Week 33 footfall

25th August 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here we have the latest footfall figures for week 31 and week 33 (not sure why I have not received week 32?). We remain significantly higher in comparison to both the South west as a whole and the UK figure. (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 20 - 2021

24th May 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the Springboard footfall figures for Dartmouth during week 20, 2021. They again show a dramatic increase over last years figures during the lockdown. However the impact of this increase on the town center was significant. I can relate (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 8 - 2021

7th March 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the latest footfall figures from Springboard for Dartmouth town center. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions from these numbers as analysis is open to interpretation. (the photo above is to remind you of what it (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 5 - 2021

8th February 2021 Paul Reach 1

Hot from the press at Springboard we now have the footfall figures for Dartmouth in week 5 (last week). Needless to say there is not a significant change over the previous few weeks figures with Dartmouth showing a lower drop (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall figures for week 27

6th July 2020 Paul Reach 0

Springboard have solved the technical glitch in our footfall measuring camera and have started to provide the weekly figures for Dartmouth Quay. These will help us to understand how we are progressing in opening up the town to visitors. These (Read more)

Town Clean up - can you help?

18th June 2020 Paul Reach 1

The Town Council is organising a big town clean up this month. If you would like to help check the image below to see the plans. We believe the event is already oversubscribed but the organisers are trying to increase (Read more)

“Show me the money”

11th January 2019 Paul Reach 4

The Government has just announced the Future High Street fund. With a budget of £675M this is available to towns that wish to invest in the infrastructure needed to re-invigorate our town center. If you run a business in Dartmouth, (Read more)