BID EGM invitation and details

7th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

If you have not already seen the latest email regarding the BID EGM then I reprint it here for information: I will comment on this EGM in a separate news post.

Closure of the BID- A question

6th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

If you read the statement on the BID website about the vote for closure you will notice that it appears to require a 75% vote in support of closure. See the statement here -BID closure proposed. In my opinion this (Read more)

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Remember the BID 5 year plan?

5th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

For those of you who have lost track of what the BID promised in 2013 here is a copy of the plan. It is worth reading again before the BID Board ask members to vote on closing down this opportunity. (Read more)