What does Brexit mean for us?

28th June 2016 Paul Reach 0

After the decisive vote by the UK in favour of leaving the EU what impact will this have on businesses in Dartmouth? Clearly the weakness of the pound will make UK holidays cheaper for foreign travellers coming to Britain so there could be (Read more)

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Why did Dartmouth BID fail?

30th May 2016 Paul Reach 11

With the demise of the Dartmouth Business Improvement District, DB News believes it is important to investigate why it failed. In tough economic times we need all the help we can get, so when we fail to take advantage of one (Read more)

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Result of the BID ballot

12th May 2016 Paul Reach 0

At 4.20pm today the BID Board announced the result of the ballot to decide on closure of the Dartmouth BID company. The content of the Board’s email is extracted below. Analysis of the results by Dartmouth Business News will be (Read more)

Dartmouth BID Decision day today!

9th May 2016 Paul Reach 0

In 2013 over a period of 12 months a dedicated team of local business people prepared a 5 year plan for revitalising Dartmouth’s economy. Driven by the desire to respond to declining visitor numbers and a lack of non-seasonal employment, this team represented (Read more)

TIC sells their website and brochure

5th May 2016 Paul Reach 2

Here is an extract from a press release, sent out by Dartmouth TIC on Tuesday and published today, which shows they have decided to end their partnership with Dartmouth BID Ltd and sell their website to a third party. They have (Read more)

Saving the TIC

25th April 2016 Paul Reach 2

In previous articles we have said that saving the BID means retaining the possibility of saving the TIC. This report speculates on how this might be done .  Dartmouth TIC has been serving the town since 1992 according to Companies House records. (Read more)

Strong comments from DBN readers

17th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

Here are a couple of comments from past posts. They illustrate the strength of feelings around the BID. Colin Monckton APRIL 16, 2016 AT 5:02 AM Personally I think the BID board are totally missing the point and the inward (Read more)

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What happens after the BID EGM?

14th April 2016 Paul Reach 1

Dartmouth Business News makes no apologies for continuing to campaign for the rescue of Dartmouth BID. This post is the latest episode in that campaign and seeks to speculate on what might happen after the BID EGM. The BID EGM on (Read more)

Cash for councils to fill potholes

9th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

Motorists and cyclists are set to benefit after the Government today (Thursday 7 April 2016) announced how £50 million of funding will repair nearly one million potholes across the country over the next 12 months. Fifteen councils in South West (Read more)

BID EGM invitation and details

7th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

If you have not already seen the latest email regarding the BID EGM then I reprint it here for information: I will comment on this EGM in a separate news post.

Closure of the BID- A question

6th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

If you read the statement on the BID website about the vote for closure you will notice that it appears to require a 75% vote in support of closure. See the statement here -BID closure proposed. In my opinion this (Read more)

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Remember the BID 5 year plan?

5th April 2016 Paul Reach 0

For those of you who have lost track of what the BID promised in 2013 here is a copy of the plan. It is worth reading again before the BID Board ask members to vote on closing down this opportunity. (Read more)