Are Dartmouth’s Green Spaces Important to You?

The Neighbourhood Plan being developed for Dartmouth is a once in a generation opportunity to gain “Green Belt” type protection for our open spaces by designating them as Local Green Spaces. To date 16 sites have been identified for this protection.

  1. Coronation Park (DTC)
  2. Royal Avenue Gardens (DTC)
  3. Community Greenhouse site and adjacent areas on North embankment (DTC)
  4. Dartmouth Castle Wall (DTC)
  5. Castle Estate (DTC)
  6. Jawbones allotments (Dartmouth Trust)
  7. Milton Lane Allotments (DTC)
  8. Longcross cemetery (DTC)
  9. Community Orchard (DTC)
  10. Warfleet Creek, Lime Kilns, Quay and Slip (DTC)
  11. Sandquay Wood (Raleigh Estate)
  12. Norton Wood (SHDC)
  13. Norton Field (SHDC)
  14. Manor Gardens
  15. Crosby Meadow (Dartmouth Trust)
  16. Jawbones Beacon Park (SHDC)

The majority of sites, and all of those owned by DTC, have received landowner support for this “Green Belt” type of protection. However the landowners of Manor Gardens, Jawbones Beacon Park, Jawbones Allotments and Crosby Meadow are not prepared to support this designation for their land. It is still possible to nominate these 4 sites but if we are to be successful in an opposed nomination we must show that each site is demonstrably “special” to our local community and holds a particular local significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value, tranquillity or richness of its wildlife. If you would like to add your support for one or more of these sites please do so via the Neighbourhood Planning web site  . 

Thank you for your support.

Peter Goldstraw

Chairman, Green Environment Topic Group

Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan


  1. I strongly support all the sites listed to be designated as Local Green Spaces. I’m delighted that the owners of 12 of the sites are supporting the designation - well done Dartmouth Town Council and Raleigh Estates. Well done SHDC on Norton Wood and Norton Field, but why are you dragging your heels over Manor Gardens and Jawbones Beacon Park, and, Dartmouth Trust, what’s the problem with Jawbones Allotments and Crosby Meadow?

  2. I strongly support all the listed green spaces being retained. The town is closely packed with houses which, as a general rule do not have large gardens. In order to attract families & permanent residents it is therefore vitally important that green spaces are available. This is also environmentally vital.

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