An open letter to Dr Sarah Wollaston MP - Dartmouth’s retail economy

I am publishing here an open letter I have just sent to Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, our representative in Parliament. It expresses my concern over the accelerating decline in footfall in Dartmouth.

The last half of last year has seen a dramatic fall in footfall, reported weekly on this website and recognised by many businesses in the town. Some of them can respond by switching their sales and marketing to the internet but others are wholly dependent on visitors who come to the town. The accommodation providers and hospitality businesses are a good example of this.

The Town Council and District Council are not responding to the challenges the retail sector in the town is facing, so I have turned to our representative in Parliament to try to find a solution.

I am reluctant to carry out a survey of businesses in the town because no-one wants to report publicly on declining sales for their business. However if your business is affected by the decline in footfall please provide your input and advice through this website. You can comment at the bottom of this page.

Here is the content of my open letter to Dr Sarah Wollaston MP:



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