Act now to save the Dartmouth BID

With Bid Chairman, Peter Conisbee stating clearly last night that the BID Board have no plans worked out for the future of the BID in the event of their failure to close the BID Company, it is clear they intend to close the BID Company. Therefore I am making a clear proposal for the future of the BID as a fully paid up member.

  1. I will apply to join the BID Board immediately, with the intention of delivering the BID Business Plan as voted for.
  2. I will work initially with 5 other BID members who I am not permitted to name at this stage, to prepare a plan for getting the BID Project back on track
  3. I will present that plan to members who wish to support the plan
  4. I will build a management team that is fully committed to delivering the Plan
  5. I will commit to communicating effectively with members regarding all of the actions of the BID Board and run a completely transparent BID
  6. I will deliver the improvements promised in the original BID 5 year plan with the intention of getting an extension of the bid to another 5 year term.

I support the current Board in their desire to stand down. This will allow this proposal to proceed bearing in mind that there is no alternative plan in place and time is running out. If there are members of the current Board who can commit to this proposal then they should remain on the Board. If not then they should be free to step down if they wish. I expect this proposal to take a month to deliver up to item 4. This is now the only proposal on the table to take the BID forward.

If members do nothing then the BID will close and the town will lose an investment that will make a real difference to Dartmouth’s economy. There are people in the town who believe in this BID. The majority of businesses that engage in the business community voted for it and its failure would send out a negative message about the town which would be hard to deny.

Its time for you to stand up and be counted.

Paul Reach

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  1. I think this is a very responsible and considered proposal that everyone who wants to see Dartmouth flourishing for future generations as well as being a wonderful place to live on balance for those of us who are fortunate to be here, to give full support to.

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