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Paul Reach

During my chairmanship of the Business Forum, the Forum website proved to be a valuable tool for the dissemination of news information for Dartmouth Business owners. It was used to launch successful campaigns about the poor state of Dartmouth pavements, the misleading information on the parking signs on the outskirts of Dartmouth and, earlier on, the need for a successful BID to initiate a long term investment in Dartmouth. With a circulation of over 400, including mostly business owners, our local authority representatives and many other local stakeholders, these campaigns all achieved their objectives.

Sponsored by TQ6 Marketing, This new, non-commercial, website is intended to provide a free and easy means for businesses to keep informed about what is happening in their community. Sharing our experiences and views will help to influence those who make decisions on our behalf. It is these decisions that can have a big impact on the success of all our businesses.

We see the need for an up-to-date Business News channel for Dartmouth. This Business News Website will seek to fill that gap by providing owners with a free source of local business information, tips and ideas for developing your businesses and a means of communicating your concerns and ideas to those who are able to help or make them happen.

The initial subscription list will be those who I have met or spoken to during my period as Chairman of the Business Forum, but you can use the unsubscribe button on the email if you don’t want to receive newsletters from this site.

Alternatively if you find this Website useful get your colleagues to subscribe to our newsletters using the ‘subscribe’ tab. Also please send us any business related articles you wish to circulate to the business audience in Dartmouth. We also intend to publish Business advice we think is relevant to Dartmouth Businesses based on our 16 successful years experience in the Dartmouth retail sector.

You have heard it said so often that we can achieve so much more by working together! Our first campaign will be very much in that vein as we seek to ensure the survival and future success of the Dartmouth BID, a project which so many people put so much effort into.

Thank you for your continued support



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