About Dartmouth Business News

Launched in 2016 Dartmouth Business News was born out of the closure of the  Dartmouth Chamber of trade. With no organisation representing the interests of the Dartmouth Business community this website tries to provide a channel for communicating the interests of businesses

Paul Reach - Website editor

As a past Chairman of the Chamber I felt that Dartmouth businesses need a means of communicating news about the business climate in the town and a strong voice in its future, especially where it might influence the economic health of the town.

Many of the changes in the town, such as the loss of all bank branches, the loss of our cottage hospital can all be linked to the decline in visitor numbers and the effect of this trend on those services in the town.

This website is an independent self funded website with no affiliations and offers a source of business information and a means of letting other businesses know your opinions on what the future should look like for Dartmouth. With a circulation of over 300 key stakeholders it plays an influential part in the economic development of the Town.