The footfall debate goes on!

November 26, 2017 Paul Reach 6

Councillor Steve Smith has made some interesting and perceptive comments on the footfall problem in Dartmouth. The comments below were written by Steve at 11.25 pm Saturday night so Steve is obviously not a fan (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - Week 44

November 7, 2017 Paul Reach 0

Here is the Springboard report on footfall at the Quay in Dartmouth during week 44: This report confirms a continued significant drop in footfall compared to last year. The WOW  figure reflects the end of (Read more)

Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

November 2, 2017 Paul Reach 0

The Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan has been re-instigated by the Chairman, Mayor Cllr Richard Cook. New teams have been formed to look into the following key areas: Health, Social care & Education Parking, Traffic & Transport (Read more)