An economists view on Brexit

27th November 2016 Paul Reach 0

The OBR and the Chancellor got it wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Brexit will raise, not lower growth PATRICK MINFORD Telegraph - 26 NOVEMBER 2016 • 11:21AM The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement took its cue from (Read more)

New marketing collaboration for the Town

10th November 2016 Paul Reach 0

Dartmouth Business News has become aware of a new initiative by a local business. It is aimed at supporting, at preferential rates,  the sales and marketing activities of any Dartmouth Retail or E-Commerce Company, Event Planning Board (Read more)

Guildhall refurb to cost £350,000

9th November 2016 Paul Reach 1

The minutes of the last Town Council meeting record the answer to a question from the public seats regarding the cost of refurbishment of the Guildhall. The answer given was £350,000! When asked about a business plan (Read more)

The Costa Coffee question

9th November 2016 Paul Reach 0

This is another question which has divided the town. It relates to the application made by Whitbread to open a Costa Coffee in Dartmouth on Victoria Road. There are many aspects to this debate but (Read more)