Dartmouth footfall - week 52 - 2021

3rd January 2022 Paul Reach 0

Well that was a very challenging year for Dartmouth businesses! However we seem to be ending on a high note with good comparative figures for Dartmouth visitor numbers over the Christmas holidays. Also, we are excited to inform you that now our visitors can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for their payments. Due to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, buying crypto on various trading platforms has increased. Although there are many trading platforms out there, it is important to do a Trading Plattform test to find a reliable one and avoid potential losses. It certainly seems to have been busy on (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 49 - 2021

13th December 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the footfall figures for week 49.Consistent with the last few weeks they again show a significantly higher figure than the UK as a whole but without the absolute data, i.e. the actual numbers of visitors we can only (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 47 - 2021

29th November 2021 Paul Reach 2

Here are the footfall figures for Dartmouth during week 47. They again show a high comparative annual figure which I will not attempt to interpret as it is influenced by multiple variables. However there does seem to be a consistent (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 45 - 2021

15th November 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the latest footfall figures for Dartmouth during week 45. They show a dramatic increase year on year for Dartmouth, which I honestly cannot explain. UK wide the increase was +103% but Dartmouth was +472%. Last year there was (Read more)

Save Dartmouth Hospital site

8th November 2021 Paul Reach 0

News Release NHS and local council join forces to seek local people’s views. Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Dartmouth Town Council are working together to explore whether the community can buy the former Dartmouth Hospital site, and (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 39 - 2021

4th October 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the leates footfall figures for Dartmouth high street. We have missed some results due to problems at Springboard but we are back online again. Sorry to have missed a few weeks. These figures are the first indication that (Read more)

Week 31 & Week 33 footfall

25th August 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here we have the latest footfall figures for week 31 and week 33 (not sure why I have not received week 32?). We remain significantly higher in comparison to both the South west as a whole and the UK figure. (Read more)

Support your Neighbourhood Plan

2nd August 2021 Paul Reach 0

The Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan team under the Chairmanship of Robert Brook has reached the first major milestone in the project. The Draft plan is now available for viewing on the Neighbourhood Plan website and the team would like to hear (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 26 - 2021

6th July 2021 Paul Reach 4

Once again we can see a significantly better performance year on year which probably reflects a mixture of very low numbers last year and a significant staycation trend this year. This level is twice as high as the average for (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - weeks 22,23,24 & 25

28th June 2021 Paul Reach 0

Apologies for the late posting of these footfall figures, our editor has been temporarily indisposed! You will see a progression through these four weeks where our footfall grows to almost 4 times the national average for the same period year (Read more)

The Beast of Bakers Roundabout

1st June 2021 Paul Reach 15

DBN has been watching with interest as tempers rise over the Bakers Roundabout disaster. Plagued by design problems and slow construction, this roundabout has now become the biggest social media talking point in Dartmouth. Just when the visitors are flooding (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 21 - 2021

31st May 2021 Paul Reach 4

Here are the footfall figures for Dartmouth in week 21. The dramatic growth over last year continues and a good increase over the previous week. I suspect we can all recognise this as the town is now crammed. Thank goodness (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 20 - 2021

24th May 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the Springboard footfall figures for Dartmouth during week 20, 2021. They again show a dramatic increase over last years figures during the lockdown. However the impact of this increase on the town center was significant. I can relate (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 19 - 2021

17th May 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the latest footfall figures for Dartmouth from Springboard UK. The pattern of previous weeks continues and will probably do so for the rest of the season. Part of this performance is down to the large drop in visitor (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 17 - 2021

3rd May 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the footfall figures for week 17. As commented last week by Nei Strevens (see left column) these figures are hard to interpret as they are comparing this year to a year when lockdown was fully in place. Unfortunately (Read more)

Manor Gardens - an update on progress

30th April 2021 Paul Reach 5

Councillor Cathy Campos has asked me to post this latest update to the campaign to preserve Manor Gardens as a green space. You may remember the petition launched a few weeks ago. A setback …Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of (Read more)

Dartmouth Farmers Market

18th April 2021 Paul Reach 2

Get ready for the new Local farmers market, selling fresh, local and seasonal produce and artisan food products. If you want to take a stall read below. Although you may be too late! WE NEED YOU …If you are a (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 14 - 2021

12th April 2021 Paul Reach 0

Here are the latest footfall figures for Dartmouth high street. They are provided free of charge by Springboard UK. These are encouraging numbers which show Dartmouth is starting to outperform both the UK and the South West as a whole. (Read more)

Dartmouth Footfall - week 13 - 2021

5th April 2021 Paul Reach 0

Now the footfall figures start to look interesting! You can see from these figures that there has been a big rise in footfall in Dartmouth compared to last year. However lets consider some of the reasons for this. Firstly Easter (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall - week 12 - 2021

31st March 2021 Paul Reach 0

The Springboard footfall figures for week 12 are in and are mostly consistent with the last few weeks. There is no noticeable change in the footfall pattern, but we are approaching some critical weeks over the next month. With the (Read more)