Week 33 and 34 Dartmouth footfall

Week 33 footfall

Week 33 footfall

Week 33 saw a drop in footfall week on week. The previous week was Woofstock, so a drop was probably inevitable. However the South West showed a similar drop so perhaps it was the weather effect.

Year on Year we are still showing a positive trend compared to the UK and South West and it will be interesting to see the Dartmouth results when regatta is over. It feels quieter than usual but it is always hard to judge from an individual viewpoint.  Once we have a few more weeks of figures we will develop a trend chart to help businesses understand what is happening.

Week 34 footfall (Regatta week)

Week 34 footfall
Typhoon at Regatta 2017 Copyright David Bown Pics

Now we have the week 34 figures which show a dramatic drop of 12.6% week on week. I cannot begin to explain these numbers at all as this is regatta week. Perhaps it is because the two camera locations are in dead zones for regatta visitors, although the one by the boat float should show strong regatta numbers. I can understand the Fosse Street camera being down as many of the visitors tend to stay around the embankment and not wander into the town.

The extreme interpretation of these numbers suggests that the embankment stalls do have a very negative effect for Dartmouth businesses that are not located around the embankment. I think the regatta committee needs to give some thought to this problem which has been evident to businesses in the town for many years. I cant deny that this is something I have sought to change when I was on the regatta committee but my comments were not backed up by numbers. This week 34 footfall chart however does show that there is an issue that needs to be better understood by the regatta committee. Lets hope that in the future all Dartmouth businesses can share in the success of the regatta.

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  1. Being an elected member to Dartmouth Council my utmost priority is the full support to local businesses, if it were a dance, let’s say, “Tango” does it not take two to tango?
    My wife and family went to the inner market place on Regatta Friday at 4pm and almost all the units were closed up and the outer market were just clearing up, so the call of support your local traders maybe adhered to if the shops were open for trade….another concern by many is the volume of long standing food outlets in our town that I understand had a dismal Regatta trade because of the volume of street traders, perhaps a compromise can be reached with the Regatta Committee, the public are the prey in catering and it seems that the kill was was enjoyed by the Lions (Street Traders) and all year round businesses were left with the carcass with very little meat to eat to survive the winter down turn…as for the Regatta, I am always grateful to so many that give up there time voluntarily to plan for others to enjoy an event such as this, perhaps the Chamber of Trade, Dartmouth Town Council and the Regatta, Food Festival, Candlelit, Music Festival and Woofstock committees can get there heads together to provide more meat on the bone for all to chew at?

  2. You make a valid point Steve but you must remember those traders have experienced the same dead days during previous regatta’s and so they decide to take a few days off while it is quiet. I went up Smith street at midday on the thursday of regatta and saw the Singing Kettle had no customers, the Seven Stars had about 4, Woodroast had perhaps 3 so It is an issue to be addressed. It is a shame that such a great event, the result of a lot of effort by our dedicated volunteers, has a negative effect on so many of the businesses that struggle to make a seasonal living in a very tough environment. Clearly the footfall in Dartmouth was not down by 12.6% compared to the week before as the cameras state, it was probably 10 times more than the week before, but they did not venture into the retail streets of Dartmouth very much and that is what the footfall cameras are telling us.I am glad you are concerned but I am less convinced that other Councillors share your point of view.

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