Support your independent businesses – Fiver Fest comes to Dartmouth

This press release has been distributed by Cllr Cathy Campos of Dartmouth Town Council to publicise Dartmouth’s support for the national Totally Locally Fiver Fest which will run from 15th – 29th February 2020. This scheme is intended to support our declining high streets across the country.

The Town Council are asking local independent businesses to participate by offering a special £5 offer during the Fiver Fest to show the diversity and value of what we have to offer in Dartmouth.

To find out more read the press release below or contact Cllr Campos cllrcathycampos@ or Cllr Sally Hibbert  cllrsallyhibbert@








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  1. The world is changing and peoples shopping habits are changing. And this Christmas almost every national retailer declared a reduction in seasonal business to on line retailers. Those who come up with these schemes to push back the clock should back them with evidence that they have worked in other towns. In Totnes they didnt and they went so far as to issue their own local currency to promote high street business – the Totnes pound. And this too died a death. Dartmouth has always changed in the past and it is time to change again. And become a luxury tourist destination with 5 start hotels, cordon bleu restaurants, a yachting and rowing mecca and a helicopter pad. It doesnt matter if you disagree with this because it will happen whatever you do. Happy New Year

    • Brian, you are right in your assessment but the town will not flourish unless it promotes its status as an upmarket destination. There is nothing wrong with your description of the future as it will at least support the businesses in the town long term (provided the businesses adapt to change). The mistake we often make is putting the decline in footfall down to the general decline in retail across the country, but that is wrong. We are a tourist destination and the retailers will benefit if we succeed in promoting the town to the right target market. Locals may not agree but without the visitors pounds the towns economy will slowly decline and so will the youthful population in the town.

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