Strete Gate is open for business!!

Driving towards Strete Gate yesterday to walk the dog we were tempted to turn back and return to Dartmouth when we saw at least three signs which stated we could not park, wait, unload or anything else if we went there. (see signs in photo)

The Lime Coffee Company

However we decided to continue just to see if the warnings were accurate and found that on arriving at Strete Gate there is a clear car park sign saying 29 car parking spaces . Unfortunately I did not photograph that sign. Not only that but the fabulous little coffee shop is still operating on the beach, and will be until January next year, opening again when the season starts.

My message to Devon County Council then is please don’t harm this little business by turning visitors away with these road signs, please change them to say that there is parking at Strete Gate and visitors will be welcome to use it.

It is one of the few places left for us dog walkers to enjoy a beach walk (picking up everything we should of course). If you meant to say that there is no parking or waiting or loading on the access road to Strete gate then please make it clearer on the signs.

This article was written without the knowledge of the Lime Coffee Company and is not meant to be an advert!



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