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Dartmouth Business News has become aware of a new initiative by a local business. It is aimed at supporting, at preferential rates,  the sales and marketing activities of any Dartmouth Retail or E-Commerce Company, Event Planning Board  or Charities, by assisting them in the gathering and use of Customer, Business and Market Sector Data, all quality improved. Good use of data can also help improve fund raising activities.

We would not normally promote individual companies in this blog in order to maintain our independence. However this initiative has the potential to help many companies and non-profit organisations in the town so we believe it is a worthwhile project. Our own experience in Dartmouth has proven the importance of Data to our business success. In order for this project to succeed it is important to find partners who either want to help with market research, plan, improve quality, analyse and prepare the data for campaigns and make use of it for analytics once gathered. If you understand how much difference good data can make to your business, or provide data dependent services and are interested in collaboration then please get in touch, either through this site or directly with Peter McCann (contact details below).

I quote Peter here:

datawiseDartmouth has many small retail enterprises and E-Commerce businesses quietly developing their operations. There are also organisations relying on great volunteers to keep their activities going well. Many could benefit from making better use of the market, business and consumer information that we often have stored in separate systems, or in spreadsheets and mailing lists, often all held in various formats and much of it being of poor quality. This initiative is aimed at creating pilot projects that could be rolled out in other areas, to benefit all the businesses in the district.

The economic success of Dartmouth relies on collaboration and success of private businesses, and public and third sector organisations: South Hams Council, Dartmouth Town Council, Schools, Charities, Clubs, Churches, Leisure and Tourism bodies, The Flavel Arts and Culture Centre, Museums and Art Galleries, Magazines, Retailers, Professional Services and Accommodation Providers. Our Festivals – Music, Food and the Regatta. Events such as Mayflower 400 and Shakespeare Week. 

All will bring visitors who spend, but in order to make the most of the many opportunities we have it is not enough to sit back and rely on traditional marketing techniques.

To build better Intelligence for Sales and Marketing – and improve Fund Raising – it is critically important to get the basic Data right and use it effectively. Whether this is about Customers you already have, those you hope to target, or local and national businesses, quality and completeness is vitally important otherwise e-mail marketing, or social media campaigns, can fail to reach their target.

DataWise Intelligence is a new company formed by local Business man Peter McCann who has long experience in the IT and Information Services industry.

  • Business and Tech leader with 20+ years international track record
  • Former Growth Accelerator coach
  • Assists SMEs in fast growth and expanding employment, an EU / UK wide LEP objective
  • One of the first instigators of big data and cloud technology in the late nineties
  • Devon-based (Dartmouth resident) expert in business; pioneer in building Intelligence using cloud tech

“The new database and data improvement Company welcomes new local partnerships and is currently seeking to work collaboratively using local expertise, perhaps those who have stepped back from corporate life to enjoy South Hams quality of life but still have great skills to offer part-time and don’t want to travel too much  : we will work hand in hand with local operations and skilled individuals – e.g.  a Publishing House, a Mailing House ( Mailchimp etc ), a Part-Time Market Researcher, an experienced Fund Raiser, a web site designer, a graphic designer and a project / account manager. Please contact founder Peter McCann on 07768382334 or email


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