Footfall report – week 43

We can now confirm that the footfall figures we are publishing relate only to the camera installed over the Quay in Dartmouth. The camera in Fosse Street was removed in February 2017. The figures are an accurate representation of footfall changes YOY and WOW in the Quay area.

These are the figures for week 43:

You can see that the YOY figures are down -17.26% on last year. The increase in the WOW figure which also shows up on the UK and South West figures is presumably the effect of the half term break in schools. This is curious as the previous week was the Food festival week, although the configuration of the Quay changes with the installation of marquees for traders.

Just in case you are not aware of the terminology:

YOY – The difference between week 43 this year compared to week 43 last year

WOW – The difference between this week and last week.

The accuracy of these cameras has been measured at 95%.

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