Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

The Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan has been re-instigated by the Chairman, Mayor Cllr Richard Cook. New teams have been formed to look into the following key areas:

  1. Health, Social care & Education
  2. Parking, Traffic & Transport
  3. Economy, Retail, Tourism & Employment
  4. Green Space, Environment, Planning & Conservation
  5. Recreation, Leisure & Libraries

I have been elected to Chair the Economy, Retail, Tourism & Employment group and we are meeting now to discuss how future planning decisions might impact the economic welfare of the town.

So far we have been analysing the results of the survey carried out some time ago under Cllr Fyson’s Chairmanship in order to extract key areas for discussion.

At some point in the project we will be looking to consult with the business community in Dartmouth, so if you have an interest in participating in this project please come forward with your views. Our next joint meeting is on the 13th November and I expect to have a clearer view on how this project will proceed from there.

Watch this space as we intend to keep you fully informed of progress.

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