Dartmouth Healthcare Action Group – progress so far

You may be aware that the Dartmouth Healthcare Action Group has been formed, under the Chairmanship of Mike Mills, to fight for the future of healthcare in Dartmouth. I will be publishing the activities and meeting notes from this group to make sure that as many people as possible can participate in the debate and provide their input to the group.

These 2 reports have been extracted from the Healthcare Action Groups Facebook page.

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DAHAG Michael Mills Chairman’s Report 1.7.18

This is my first report which I will produce to keep the group up to speed and others as appropriate.
At the beginning of the week I sent an email to Sarah Wollaston following up from her meeting on Friday 22nd June which I have distributed with her reply. She has confirmed that she will be sending me the evidence information about patients being better off at home. When I get this I will circulate, I am sure it will make interesting reading.
I have had three half day meetings this week as follows:-
I met with Rob Benzies on Tuesday and explored the role of the G.P.in the healthcare system and learnt a lot about their role and the situation relating to the Dartmouth Practice. We also discussed at some length the post main hospital care and how we need to get both anecdotal information as well as relevant statistics.
I met with David Seward on Wednesday and he explained a lot about the workings of the NHS and the respective policies and approaches we may adopt to achieve our short term aim of reinstating the convalescent care in Dartmouth. He is also going look at the sort of information that would be of use in us building a strong case.
I met with Peter Coates on Thursday who is a Governor of the Trust Foundation with a business background and new to the role and recognises the community have an issue. He explained as best he could how the NHS at Trust level works although he is new and still finding his way.
Having had these discussions I came to the conclusion which you all may have already arrived at that there are basically four scenarios when patients are discharged after treatment as follow:-
1. A patient is discharged to go home and is well enough to return home and continue their normal routine without direct support other than possibly attending their G.P. or outpatients.
2. A patient is discharged to go home but needs homecare support whilst fully recovering or on an ongoing basis.
3. A patient is discharged to go home but needs homecare support and nursing care whilst fully recovering or on an ongoing basis.
4. A patient is discharged after treatment but needs medically supervised convalescence / rehabilitation which brings them to scenario three above.
This brings us to the question where have all those patients gone that were in category four. The obvious questions arise are these patients really fit to be at home relying on support and is it really cost effective for all this mobile care.
These are some of the questions that I am trying to get answers via our information requests which I am now pursuing through Sarah Wollaston. I am awaiting a date for a group meeting with SW , but we must have the necessary information to hand to persuade her with facts to support our aims.

Michael Mills 1.7. 18

DAHAG Chairman’s Report 10.8.18

Met with Robert Brook Chairman of the Dartmouth and Kingswear Historical Society at his request and provided a general update on how matters were progressing in particular that a team from our group would be meeting with Liz Davenport and her team on 4th September.
Met with Tony Tudor retired Barrister at my request to seek advice on whether the community had been compensated for the takeover of the Hospital they funded in 1948 as would happen today. Discussed the piece of Hospital land that has a covenant and he will research. His knowledge as to whether an enquiry could be requested by the Department of Health and Social Care into the Hospital closure /Riverview debacle. I have consequently written to Sarah Wollaston and Clare has distributed my email.
Ambulance figures
I have been in conversation with David Harper Deputy Commander of the Devon Area Ambulance Service who has provided figures relating to call outs which Clare has circulated. All comments welcome.
DAHAG Meeting 22.8.18
I plan to present our draft presentation at this meeting for discussion and fine tuning as appropriate.
Meeting 4.9.18
We have been invited to a business meeting with Liz Davenport and three Trust senior managers at which we will put forward proposals primarily putting the case for IC beds in Dartmouth based around the facts and figures we have accumulated and as much anecdotal information as we can gather.
Public Meeting 10.9.18
I plan to call a further Public Meeting on Monday 10th September to report back where we are.
Sarah Wollaston Meeting 5th October
The full committee has the opportunity to meet with Sarah Wollaston on 5th October to if necessary express our view about how we have managed or not to make any progress with the Trust. Clare circulated my email to Sarah Wollaston regarding enquiries, her answer will be interesting.
Facebook Communications
As I believe Clare has advised we have met and agreed we should use Facebook with regular postings to keep the momentum of our campaign going. A key request we should keep posting is for anecdotal information about individual hospital/health experiences. All postings are to be channelled through Clare to maintain consistency and avoid duplication.
I understand no postings have been requested.
Telephone conversation today with Liz Davenport
Liz Davenport called me today as a result of the list of questions I have sent her a copy of which will accompany this report. She is going on leave now for two weeks but has asked her team to action the questions. Many of the questions relate to information needed for our business presentation and other questions that have been posed. I did ask for a clear yes or no for access to the Hospital and she has refused but will reconsider at our meeting on 4th September.
I am taking part in a conference call next week with Dawn Butler Deputy Strategy Director to discuss and as necessary request information about all the statistics in my list of questions.
I hope this brings everyone up to date with what I have been doing on our behalf since we last met. Please email me if you want further information.

Best wishes

Michael Mills


Dear Committee
Please see the attached organisation chart which hopefully explains where the CCG fits in the scheme of things. Also it is worth visiting the Kings Fund site and watch their video explaining how the NHS works.

Best wishes



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