Dartmouth footfall – week 41 – 2018

Here are the footfall numbers for week 41 2018:

Week 41 was clearly a bad week for high streets across the country. Particularly low compared to last year in the West Country but dramatically low in Dartmouth. This is a comparative measure so we need to check what happened in week 41 2017 to see what the trend is. If you look back you will see that week 41 2017 was 21% down on the previous year. I know the maths is more complicated but it means that in two years we have seen a cumulative drop in footfall of around 45%.

We believe our local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnership need to recognise the massive impact that drop could have on the economy of our town, and therefore their own economic health, and respond asap. We must see some investment in promoting the town, we must develop a tourism website for the town which is owned by the town now that Discover Dartmouth website has been abandoned, and we must see serious investment in an advertising campaign based on social media (sounds familiar doesn’t it!).

We now have no Chamber of Trade to lead this initiative so it is up to the local authorities, whose economic strength comes from the economic strength of their area, to invest in what is important to the community NOW.

Paul Reach




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