Dartmouth footfall – week 37

Dolphin is buzzing

Fresh back from a holiday in Croatia which gave an interesting insight into what can happen if tourism is allowed to grow unchecked. Dubrovnik is now looking at ways of restricting visitors because they have been too successful at growing Tourism after the conflict. Dartmouth managed 13 Cruise ships visiting this year, believe it or not Dubrovnik has had 540 cruise ships in this year alone. That is a very large number of visitors to the town. It shows that there is a level that is sustainable but this level should not be exceeded.

Anyway the footfall figures for Dartmouth in week 37 are as follows:

I will not attempt to analyse the numbers but leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. Hopefully this service is providing Dartmouth businesses with useful data to help them manage their expectations as well as their businesses! We hope to have more corroborating footfall data soon to compare with the last 7 years.


Another interesting statistic from Croatia:- While we were there Abramovich’s yacht eclipse dropped in to refuel at a cost of one million Euro’s!


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