Dartmouth footfall week 35 2018

Here are the Springboard footfall results for week 35 2018. Bear in mind that this was regatta week but the YOY comparison is to the week after regatta last year. (regatta was in week 34 last year);

This is one of the lowest figures we have seen in terms of decline. I believe we expected a decline on last years regatta because of the tough decisions the regatta committee had to take to ensure the regatta continues into the future. Personally I believe they did a magnificent job and most residents I speak to enjoyed the regatta this year more than in previous years. The committee had to take some tough decisions to avoid mounting losses for the organisation. They did this and well done to them. We dont know the financial impact of those decisions yet but the initial feedback looks positive.

The demise of the Looe Music Festival shows what can happen when difficult decisions are delayed or avoided.

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