Dartmouth footfall – week 19 – 2018

Here are the footfall figures for week 19 – 2018;

As this is Music festival week we can see a big jump on the previous weeks figures, however compared to last year we are showing a drop of about 20%. This could be down to the poor weather on the Saturday, but we believe it has more to do with Dartmouth’s aversion to marketing the town and its many events.

The Festival committee has consistently argued that we should not market/promote the event in an apparent desire to keep it local and not overload the town. The drop in footfall in the town for many months now suggest it may be time to revise that strategy, especially as the business sponsors will be concerned that their investment in the festival is not being used to the best advantage of the towns economy.

However, on a positive note, the drop in footfall has solved the perennial parking problem!!!

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  1. I was in Dartmouth all last week. Though a regular visitor, I had not been in Dartmouth for 6 months. Apart from all the usual joys of Dartmouth, I was struck by two worrying signs of decline.
    Firstly, how few people there were despite the bank holiday with gorgeous weather.
    Secondly, the Spring blossom could not disguise what a sad state the Royal Avenue Gardens are in with weeds everywhere and the grass uncut.

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