Public Meeting on Health and Wellbeing in Dartmouth

12th April 2018 Paul Reach 1

The following article has been published online by the Dartmouth Chronicle :   Public meeting set to discuss the greatly desired health and wellbeing centre Thursday, 12 April 2018 – Health by Charley Adams – Dartmouth Chronicle  @charleyad21   A date for the public (Read more)

Is the Town Council fit for purpose?

2nd February 2018 Paul Reach 10

Dartmouth community faces some difficult problems which need to be addressed. They include: The loss of our banks, The loss of our cottage Hospital, The rapidly declining high street footfall significant losses of £56,000 over the last two years by (Read more)

Consultation over Devolved Services

6th December 2017 Paul Reach 16

At Mondays Council meeting the issue of devolved services was discussed, with a proposal from Cllr Smith for a public consultation. I will let you make your own judgement by pointing you at the YouTube recording of the full council (Read more)

The footfall debate goes on!

26th November 2017 Paul Reach 6

Councillor Steve Smith has made some interesting and perceptive comments on the footfall problem in Dartmouth. The comments below were written by Steve at 11.25 pm Saturday night so Steve is obviously not a fan of Match of the Day, (Read more)

Responses to my Footfall concerns

13th November 2017 Paul Reach 15

Thank you to the two Dartmouth people who responded to my recent letter in the Dartmouth Chronicle about footfall. Both Simon Drew and Cllr. Tony Fyson responded and I reproduce their letters below with my response following: Firstly Simon Drew: (Read more)

Dartmouth footfall – Week 44

7th November 2017 Paul Reach 0

Here is the Springboard report on footfall at the Quay in Dartmouth during week 44: This report confirms a continued significant drop in footfall compared to last year. The WOW  figure reflects the end of half term but again the (Read more)

Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

2nd November 2017 Paul Reach 0

The Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan has been re-instigated by the Chairman, Mayor Cllr Richard Cook. New teams have been formed to look into the following key areas: Health, Social care & Education Parking, Traffic & Transport Economy, Retail, Tourism & Employment (Read more)

Councillor hits back over Woofstock story

13th August 2017 Paul Reach 0

In the interests of fairness we reprint here today’s response from the Dartmouth Chronicle regarding the Cllr Coles affair: Saturday, 12 August 2017 By Stuart Nuttall in Local People The Chronicle has learned today that Cllr Gina Coles is maintaining in a Facebook post (Read more)

Council press release – Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

29th July 2017 Paul Reach 0

Please see the following Press Release concerning Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. Press Release Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan A public meeting of Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan Working Group was held at the Guildhall, Dartmouth on Monday 24th July, when 14 interested residents (Read more)

Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

26th July 2017 Paul Reach 0

On the evening of the 24th July I attended the 16th meeting of the Committee charged with the responsibility of defining Dartmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan. Before I relate the events of the meeting I will summarise the views of Dartmouth Business (Read more)

Springboard UK footfall report June 2017

17th July 2017 Paul Reach 0

Here we publish the latest summary footfall report from Springboard. It shows an upward trend in June which shows a footfall increase despite the evidence that Department store sales decreased by 1.6%. Perhaps people are visiting independent traders again?

Noss Marina redevelopment plans submitted

14th July 2017 Paul Reach 0

Premier Marine have submitted their plans for the redevelopment of Noss Marina. These exciting plans will bring a much needed boost to the economy of Dartmouth and, once approved they anticipate a three year development period. DBNews believes the community (Read more)

Response to Chronicle letters

6th May 2017 Paul Reach 0

Readers of the Dartmouth Chronicle would have seen this week the two letters in response to my comments about the deficiencies in the Marketing of Dartmouth. I was trying to identify what the TIC should be focused on in order (Read more)