An economists view on Brexit

27th November 2016 Paul Reach 0

The OBR and the Chancellor got it wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Brexit will raise, not lower growth PATRICK MINFORD Telegraph – 26 NOVEMBER 2016 • 11:21AM The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement took its cue from the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (Read more)

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New marketing collaboration for the Town

10th November 2016 Paul Reach 0

Dartmouth Business News has become aware of a new initiative by a local business. It is aimed at supporting, at preferential rates,  the sales and marketing activities of any Dartmouth Retail or E-Commerce Company, Event Planning Board  or Charities, by assisting them (Read more)

The Costa Coffee question

9th November 2016 Paul Reach 0

This is another question which has divided the town. It relates to the application made by Whitbread to open a Costa Coffee in Dartmouth on Victoria Road. There are many aspects to this debate but these are the views of (Read more)

Footfall overview September 2016

6th October 2016 Paul Reach 0

Once again the lower street footfall figures show an interesting trend in Dartmouth, somewhat in conflict with the results of our Business Survey. Footfall on lower street appears to have recovered a little especially during June. The August figure looks (Read more)

2016 Dartmouth Business News Survey results

6th October 2016 Paul Reach 0

Our 2016 Dartmouth Business survey had 14 respondents. A low response but the results give an interesting view across several business sectors. Firstly we will print the results as received and then analyse what we believe they mean.   This is a good (Read more)

Our letter to the Dartmouth Chronicle

5th October 2016 Paul Reach 0

In case you missed our letter to the Chronicle I am reprinting it here. Let us know your views, whatever they are! Town’s troubles many and varied Friday, 23 September 2016 in Paul Reach, of Swannaton Road, Dartmouth, writes: Brian (Read more)

Start of a new era in Tourism?

14th September 2016 Paul Reach 1

With the latest development in the TIC story reported in the Dartmouth Chronicle last Friday 9th September by Karen Perrow, DB News feels it is important to ask a few relevant questions about the future of this vital resource for the town. (Read more)

Road closure on the A3122

19th July 2016 Paul Reach 0

The A3122 between Dartmouth and Halwell Cross has now reopened following the earlier diesel spillage. Temporary traffic lights are in place. The road was closed between Bugford Lane End and Norton Park. However Dartmouth Business News would like to urge Devon County to (Read more)

Woofstock gets the go ahead

15th July 2016 Paul Reach 0

As reported by Stuart Nuttall today in the Dartmouth Chronicle SHDC have shown common sense and approved the event to go ahead next August  Dartmouth Woofstock given the go-ahead Thursday, 14 July 2016 By Stuart Nuttall in Events SOUTH Hams (Read more)

Apartments SAILS into Dartmouth.

10th July 2016 Paul Reach 0

New Contemporary Apartments in the Heart of Dartmouth Launch After a prolonged development project SAILS can finally be seen in all its glory. An award winning development of apartments that will greet visitors as they drive off the upper ferry (Read more)

Woofstock – does Dartmouth want it?

9th July 2016 Paul Reach 1

DB News publishes below an article from the Dartmouth Chronicle regarding the planned dog show Woofstock to be held on Coronation Park. We are astounded at the reaction of Town Councillors who put a damper on this event which could (Read more)

TIC seeks further funding.

9th July 2016 Paul Reach 0

In an article in the Dartmouth Chronicle last Friday it was reported that the TIC will receive further financial support from the Town Council to ensure it gets through the summer season intact. The Council has brought forward the payment (Read more)

What does Brexit mean for us?

28th June 2016 Paul Reach 0

After the decisive vote by the UK in favour of leaving the EU what impact will this have on businesses in Dartmouth? Clearly the weakness of the pound will make UK holidays cheaper for foreign travellers coming to Britain so there could be (Read more)